Coronavirus (COVID-19)

With the ongoing threat that COVID-19 poses to the community, Australian businesses must implement risk mitigation and contingency measures to ensure staff safety, product hygiene, and business continuance.

How We Can Help You?

Work Health Specialists can provide onsite services to conduct screening for COVID-19 risk factors. This service is offered by health professionals and is designed to screen for potential symptoms of Coronavirus.
COVID-19 Workforce Screening Includes:
  • Health Declaration & Consent
  • Medical Symptom Screening
  • Hygiene & PPE Education
  • Compliance with Work Health and Safety Laws.
  • Preventing the widespread outbreak of COVID-19 within your workplace.
  • Reduce further financial loss.
  • Maintain a healthy and safe work environment.
  • Send a clear signal to your employees you are taking proactive preventative action to protect your employees and their families.
  • Convenient on-site assessments, saving time and money.
What is the COVID-19 virus?

The coronavirus is part of a large family of viruses which may cause illness in animals or humans. The COVID-19 strain is a new virus that can cause an infection in people, with potential to escalate to a severe respiratory illness. In some cases this illness leads to death in the more vulnerable of the population.

Who is most at risk?

Anybody can get be infected with the coronavirus when in contact with people already infected with the COVID-19 strain. The more vulnerable groups that are at a higher risk of getting severely ill when contracting the COVID-19 virus include:

  • People who older or the elderly
  • People who have pre-existing medical conditions
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

The following links provide more information on the coronavirus (COVID-19) and other medical conditions:

We are living in unprecedented times from all of us at Work Health Specialist, keep safe, self isolate and look after each other.

  • Work Health Specialists

    Lung Function Testing

    Spirometry is the most common test of lung function and mainstay for the screening and management of workers at risk of occupational lung disease. For some workplaces it is important to establish a baseline respiratory function so that an employee’s lung function can be monitored over time to determine whether any occupational exposures to airborne hazards such as vapors, dusts, gases, fumes are impacting on lung function.

  • Work Health Specialists

    Drug & Alcohol Screening

    Work Health Specialists provides a wide range of onsite workplace drug and alcohol testing across Australia. Our accredited drug testers will attend your work site and perform urine or saliva drug testing and a breath alcohol test. All our testing meets the relevant Australian standards, with results that are legally defensible.

  • Workplace Health Checks

    Corporate Health Checks

    Work Health Specialists deliver a variety of on-site health checks that provide your employees with a confidential assessment of their health status. All results are received on the spot and are 100% confidential. Employees will receive their own personal results with feedback and healthy lifestyle advice to aid them in making improvements.

  • Work Health Specialists

    Audiometric Training

    On completion of this Workplace Audiometry Training you will be able to conduct hearing tests at your own workplace when needed. The Workplace Audiometry Course delivers comprehensive training in the skills and knowledge required to conduct accurate assessments that meet legislative requirements.

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