Respirator fit testing ensures the optimum fit on the face of workers to help protect  individuals against airborne pathogens like COVID-19 and other hazardous particles that workers may be exposed to.

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Work Health Specialist offers an on-site Respirator Fit Testing service with the aim to assess the effectiveness of the RPE (Respiratory Protective Equipment) provided to employees and their individual fitting techniques.

Where individuals are required to wear respirators whilst performing their duties, employers have the responsibility to ensure that respirators have been fully fit tested in accordance to Australian Standards and Safe Work Australia.
Work Health Specialists offer both Quantitative and Qualitative fit testing depending on the customers and/or legislative requirements within the specific industry or business sector.

Quantitative Fit Testing

With the use of the Portacount respirator fit testing instrumentation, Work Health Specialists will measure the leakage around the face seal of the respirator. The fit factor result outputted by the Portacount equipment determines the adequacy of the fitted respirator to the employee.

Quantitative Fit Testing is considered as the industry standard for frontline workers and employees exposed to hazardous particles as part of their duties.

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Qualitative Fit Testing

Unlike Quantitative Fit Testing, this method of testing does not use calibarted equipment in detertmining the leakage around the face when mask or half face respiratoes are being worn.

Instead this test is reliant on the individual being tested, and uses a taste and/or smell test to determine proper fitment techniques. This test is not the preferred method of testing.

Why is fit testing important?

When workers are required to wear respirators, as part of their PPE, whilst conducting certain activities it is generally for a good reason. Due to  employers OH&S responsibilities in providing a safe work environment, using respirators can remove or reduce exposure to respiratory factors which may lead to occupational lung decease or the spread of COVID-19.

There are however a variety of RPE suppliers, and the facial characteristics of individuals vary. It is therefore important that is not assumed that one model of RPE would provide the same level of protection to all employees. When RPE devices are selected it should be done in consultation with employees.

Respirator Fit Testing is used to validate the selected RPE for individuals by ensuring that the selected respirators provide maximum protection to employees. The fit testing of RPE`s are also mandated by Australian New Zealand Standard AS/NZS1715 and outlines the fit testing requirements for new employees and/or when alternative RPE`s are being provided.

Work Health Specialists offer on-site respirator fit testing services across Australia ensuring that you are fully compliant with legislative requirements.

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