On completion of this Workplace Audiometry Training you will be able to conduct hearing tests at your own workplace when needed. The Workplace Audiometry Course delivers comprehensive training in the skills and knowledge required to conduct accurate assessments that meet legislative requirements.

How We Can Help You?

Work Health Specialist provides a workplace audiometry training course for your Audiometric testers or other health professionals. We can provide both a refresher and a more comprehensive course to suit your immediate needs.

There are certainly a variety of Audiometry or Audiometric training courses available, but we offer a range of teaching methods to assist students to learn key audiometric skills, including hands-on practise, written exercises and case studies. Our teachers certainly enjoy what they do and create an energetic training atmosphere whilst engaging with the students.

We offer training on industry approved equipment and equipment the student bring with them to assist in the understanding of the tools they may already have in their current workplaces.

The two-day Audiometry / Audiometric training course will provide the student with the introduction of theoretical aspects of audiometry and the anatomy of the ear followed by practical training allowing students to practise and hone their skillset.

This course will be of value to those:

  • Implementing or maintaining an in-company audiometry program
  • Seeking a qualification to assist in a change of career
  • Working in health and safety with a view in becoming an "approved tester"

The Audiometry Training Course also covers other aspects related to industry standards locally and in other states, includeing legislation requirements in Australia and New Zealand.

Course Content:

  • Understanding sound and how it works
  • The effects of noise
  • Anatomy of the Ear
  • Hearing Protection
  • Noise Management
  • Test Results, Reporting & Referral requirements
  • Conducting an effective case history
  • Practical Audiometric Testing
  • Analysing audiograms and applying referral criteria
  • Accurately describing audiograms and presenting test results to workers
  • Conducting otoscopy (ear inspections) safely and effectively
  • Maintaining Accuracy – tips and techniques for new testers
  • Managing challenging testing situations
  • Relevant WHS Regulations

Course Benefits:

  • Be competent in workplace audiometry testing
  • Protect your employees from permanent hearing loss
  • Identify the risks of permanent hearing loss and how to prevent it
  • Identify changes in  hearing and interpret hearing test results

More information:

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