What is Spirometry Testing?

Onsite Spirometry testing or Occupational Lung Function Testing is the most common test of lung function testing and important for the screening and management of workers at risk of occupational lung disease. For some workplaces it is important to establish a baseline respiratory function so that an employee’s lung function can be monitored over time to determine whether any occupational exposures to airborne hazards such as vapors, dusts, gases, fumes are impacting on lung function.

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Spirometry Testing
Occupational lung diseases are conditions of the repiratory system caused by risk factors as a result of occupational exposures. The severity of the diseases may vary from acute to infectious in nature.
Occupational lung function testing aims to monitor the employees health over a period of time, to determine whether a decline in lung function is occurring due to work related exposure.
The long lasting effects of lung disease will affect quality of life for many of those exposed to the occupational hazards.
It is therefor important to raise awareness of the duties of the Employer for eliminating and minimising airborne contaminants and for regular testing of employees to ensure quality of life.
Occupational lung diseases may include some of the following conditions:
  • Asbestosis, asbestosis induced carcinoma, mesothelioma – diseases caused by inhalation of asbestos.
  • Byssinosis – a respiratory disease caused by inhalation of cotton dust.
  • Silicosis – fibrotic lung disease caused by exposure to respirable crystalline silica, may lead to lung cancer.

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Work Health Specialists provide periodic onsite Spirometry Testing that comply with the occupational standards and guidelines in all States around Australia. Our qualified and experienced health professionals will complete a full and comprehensive test within approximately 10 minutes and provide you with a complete report that has been reviewed by a Medical Practitioner.
Spirometry testing can be conducted as a standalone service or as part of a Health Monitoring Program, our flexibility will meet your every need.
Lung Function Testing

What can be expected on the day of testing:

  • The onsite spirometry testing is conducted by one of our trained nurses and will use a spirometer to measure the lung function of the employee.
  • The spirometry test is a painless and non evasive test during which time the participants will be asked to breathe in through the apparatus (Spirometer).
  • The participant will be required to take a big a breath followed by exhaling as fast as they can through the apparatus.
  • The test may need to be performed as many as eight times and may need to be done while wearing a nose piece to stop air coming out of the nose.
  • Depending on the results, the participant may be referred to a specialist for further testing.

Conducting regular and systematic Spirometry monitoring helps in detecting lung function deterioration and aids early detection. Our friendly staff will assist you in determining the best testing regime for you and your employees.

Our Occupational health Physician will upon completion review all the results and make the appropropriate recommendations directly with the Employee.

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